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Terms and Conditions of Website Apna

Why do terms and conditions matter so much? Because all our works procedure done by following it. Website Apna does not do any work other than its term and condition. As much as it is required for the company, it is also crucial for our users/clients to know. The terms and conditions tell our users how their work will be performed by the company and if you want to take any action on this website then what are the things you have to take care of. Our terms and condition are also followed for new orders and communication. So once you must see these points which are given below.

Acceptance Of Terms

Your utilization of Website Apna is exposed to the accompanying terms and conditions. Kindly read our terms and conditions cautiously. By utilizing this site of Website Apna you are considered to concur and acknowledge our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Change or Update our Terms

We claim the sole authority to change these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time. You have to check intermittently for any progressions made in our Terms. Utilizing this site after we make any adjustment to the Terms and Conditions implies you consent to acknowledge the changes, we are not capable of whether you audit them. Try not to access the website if you do not agree to and do not wish to comply with these Terms of Use.

Service Terms

The Terms of the agreement will begin on the date the client enrolled for our services and will end after one year. You will need to get it renewed one week before the end of the service otherwise, the company will not be responsible for the expiry of your service.

We may place a link to this website anywhere in your service or product. The company will have full permission for this and we can also put the details or link of your service or product on our website as a portfolio.

Description Of Service

It should be kept in mind that each client may have more or less in a product depending on the plans of that client. Website Apna reserves the right to remove or update any details or images on your website. If you update any image or content without our permission, you will be responsible for it.

Access To Information

To contact us, customers may be contacted to collect certain details or other data through which we can better understand your order. Website Apna will consider any document provided by you as complete and correct and the company will not be responsible for any problems arising therefrom.


All the content and images given on this website of ours, are copyrighted which you can use personally, but they cannot be sold to any third party or third person, it will be considered illegal and in such a situation you can also be punished.

If you are uncomfortable or not satisfied with any of our policies or terms and conditions, feel free to contact us and discuss the matter.